Goal to write a good news report.


This happened on a morning when a grandma showed her in law son a what she called a “cutie pie spidey” but as her son observed the spider he quickly ran to the phone calling the police and ambulance. Then he explained to his grandma that it is actually a most venomous spider in the world but his grandma just said “I know but that doesn’t mean I can’t call it a cutie pie spidey”. The spider was taken to a lab and observed and from that moment it wasn’t called a Spiduisvenomiousspider it was called cutie spidey.



Facts –

kids react better then adults in natural disasters.
Don’t water the roof in a bushfire
Don’t go into flood water in a flood

What are the chances of surviving if the steps are followed?
Would the radio even work in a cyclone?

I understand what to do in a bushfire or cyclone


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A drought is happening in south Africa.
People are only alowed to have 50m of water per day
Authorities say that they going to turn of taps on june 4 calling it DAY ZERO
Has the drought ended?
Has anybody died?
I understand what a drought is and what Cape town is doing about one.


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Facts –

Objects can be restored but lives can’t.
A flood happened in Queensland.
there are different types of floods.
If it’s a wet season cyclones and floods are expected.
Questions –
Did Queensland suffer anymore natural disasters?
When did this happen?
Understandings –
I know what a flood is and why it happened in Queensland.


Goal- to use paragraphing.
I was walking in the forest looking at the trees, when suddenly I heard a loud scream followed by a laugh. I frantically ran to investigate. When I got there you wouldn’t believe what I saw, what I saw was two filthy Daffodil seeds and they were eating my dad!

“Oi!” I shouted as the seeds turned around ” How come you’re eating my dad ?!!!!”

The seeds had two seconds of silence but then one of the seeds said “Dinner is served,” and they both started running after me!

After about 5 minutes of running we set foot on the huge bridge that was 15 meters long but of course 5 meters through it broke and we fell into the river. We all got sprinkled with water but the effect on the seeds was way bigger than on me, they started growing and growing until they popped. I was so happy that they died but suddenly I saw a sign in the distance it read –

Radioactive Waste


I looked down at the water it was a pink colour. “I’m dead” I thought.



This weeks article was on why Africa was shifting apart HERE
Summery Paragraph-
This article was about how Africa might split into two because of the massive cracks.It also said where it is happening. The article said how long, deep and wide the rip is. The article stated that scientists are doing something about this and said that it will happen in the next million years.
Facts- The rip is in Kenya.
The rip is splitting Africa into two different plates.
The scientists say that the Samali plate is shifting away from the other at a rate of 2.5 cm.
The cracks are growing longer and deeper by day.
Questions – can tectonics plates stop shifting?
What can scientists do about this?
Understandings- I understand what a rip is and why the tectonic plate in Africa is shifting apart.


Goal is to use tier 3 words

It was class time. We were learning about instructions but I wasn’t paying attention. When school finished I found a rather large parcel at the door and when I came in my dad called me on the phone.

“Igor did the parcel arrive?” He said

“Yes!” I said

“Igor in the parcel is a bed, I want you to build it, okay?” He said

“Okay” I said and finished the call.

I opened the instructions but I didn’t understand the instructions. But who cares so I just started building. After a while I gave up because what I built wasn’t a bed it was just wood stuck together.

This weeks 100 wc is the previous one.



Hawaii volcano
Facts –
Lava is not full liquid
Lava is slow
Lava is about 200 degrees Celsius.
Questions –
When did this start happening?
Did anybody die?
I understand what volcanoes are and how Hawaii was formed.


GOAL – TO stay on topic
In a city there lived two spiky leaders but they were no ordinary leaders they were the fairest and nicest of all time… NOT because in fact they were exactly the opposite so one day they received a letter from the two non spiky leaders. The letter was trying to make war, it was asking for them to sign it so war would be declared but the spiky leaders of course refused and threw it out… NOT because without thinking they signed it and send it back
12 Months later
War has finished ending in a bad way for the spiky leaders well because they are DEAD.




The eruption is in Hawaii
It was caused by an earthquake
It is around Leilani Estates
Nobody was injured so far
It started on thursday
There was no tsunami
Why was there no tsunami
how do volcanoes stop
I understand what a volcano is and the destruction it does