Reflection on 2018

Advice for next years year 5’s:

Do your homework as early as possible. Come to school with a positive attitude or you will have a bad time. Choose kindness over anything else if you can. Be as organised as you can and be ready for anything. Also be nice and responsible with the buddies.

What we did well:

This year was a good one, we learned a lot more than any time we did probably because of these things; our class was really organised this year and we did a lot this year. we also brought in our notes on time which was awesome. Also we were really respectful at gala and winter sports. We also did some quality homework.

What we could do better: I am really not sure about this but if I was going to say something would be just be fairer and more inclusive but otherwise this year was awesome and it is all because of our teachers and organisers.

Thank you for teaching us this year!!!!!!!!!!


We were writing a poem about some big old trees,

Trees trees trees

We happen to make this a bit funnier then it could’ve been,

Funny funny funny

We were exhausted when we finished our draft 

exhausted exhausted

Cause we tried our personal best

best best best

The poem turned out ok although after we weren’t so okay

exhausted exhausted exhausted

At least we had fun,

fun fun fun

More than you think we would,

sadly our poem is at an end when you read it while drinking some milk.

Milk milk milk.



Facts- there is such thing as slam poetry. Children are allowed to publish poems. poems have specific structures.

Questions- what other types of poems are there and will there be new types

I understand what a poem needs and what it takes.


Mars rover would detect each rock as it follows its path. The mars rover starts off in front of rocks. Then then the mars rover will go forward about 4 meters. The rover will then go left and then turn right for 6 meters. After that it will go down a few meters. Then it will be like a zig zag as you go right then down then left and you will end up in your end position.

The Edison will start on the sheet of paper and would be coded to sense the line. Then it will gradually follow the path/ line around the rocks. First it will go straight forward for a few meters. After its past 3 rocks it will turn right for about 3 meters. Then it will keep on going straight for another 3 meters. After that it will turn right then down then go left till it ends in its end position past all the rocks.



Facts – Gagarin was the first man to enter space, he flew on vohstok , first man to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong

Questions- will in futer people be living in space stations, was Leonov the first man to go to open space.

I understand the achievements people have done about space


We were watching TV when suddenly we seemed to be on the television 

“YAY” My brother screamed out “We are going to be famous!”

“WAIT A MINUTE” I said ” Why are we robbing a bank then?”

“And why are there cops chasing us” nearly crying my brother squeaked

After he said that I went and looked into the wardrobe. There was an infinite amount of money.

“Well brother we are dead meat”   I said while moving my finger across my neck

“But I don’t want to be meat I want to be fruit!” Cried my brother

“Ok then lets be dead… things” I said

“YAY now I am happier!” screamed my brother with enthusiasm.



(I would like to apologise that the story is weird I had nothing to think off


Once Upon a time there was a gorilla but it was no ordinary gorilla it was a pretty and yellow gorilla. One day wen the gorilla upset the also yellow bricks, (and believe me this happens a lot) the bricks started to chase the gorilla. The gorilla frantically ran it was as if death was calling it. The people started watching as the space between the gorilla and the bricks became shorter and when the bricks could jumop on the gorilla….


“Billy! How much times do I have to tell you to get rid of the ads!”


“Wait a second how is this happ….”







Here are my facts: living in one place for a really long time can be very boring, they did an experiment about how it would be to live on mars, people have lots of plans about living on mars.

Here are my questions: did the people stay in the bubble for 1 year? and will people ever set foot on mars.

I understand what it would be like to live on mars.


Goal: To get ides quicker

Every time when my dad, my mum, my brother and I go overseas. my brother acts like a drunk animal. He forgets everything his school has taught him about being respectful, collaborative and other stuff, It just flies past him. All you can hear from him are “You are going on the naughty list” words, like for example: he says because I said so! or if he activates hulk mode he will start crying and begging. And of course mum gets him whatever he wants. (Dad is always against though and he is now starting to think that my brother has a disease and that now it is slowly crawling into mum.). But other wise our family has a good time overseas. But because of my brother we try to not go overseas…



There are 7 planets: mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune. Pluto is not a planet anymore because I think it was to small.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and mercury is the smallest. The sun is not a planet it is a star

My questions are: are there anymore planets and how big is our solar system?

I understand  how the solar system works and some stuff about different planets.