It’s easy to get scammed
Its good to keep things private.
Don’t share your password
Don’t use your real name
Use Firewall
Don’t fall for things
Scams can be:

100 wc

Goal- to add tier 3 words
Hello there this is Jet Huskins, and today I will be telling you about the penguins in the Royal Hospital.
Now you might be thinking why the heck there would be penguins in a Hospital. So let me tell you right now they are trained professionals that can perform a surgery. And even though 6 of their surgeries fail… Let me stop there because that is quite disturbing. Yeah so they are very good little surgeons and don’t be afraid coming to the Royal Hospital because they will put you back on your feet or in the worst case no.


Before Donald.J Trump was the president of United States he was famous for being a businessman.
Donald Trump wrote a book about deals.
IRAN used to live under big restrictions
Who is the president of Iran
Why was Iran making contact with Nuclear power.
I understand why the deal was bad.


G: To add more juicy words
It was a morning when my mum gave me a package. At first I had no idea what it might be but then I remembered that I went into a contest called “who wants to become a googelinare ” and if you win you revive googel dollars on the 1/1/2019.
“When did it arrive?” I said
“On the 1/1/2019″ said mum.
I took the package and opened it and inside it was GOOGEL DOLLARS I screamed with happiness. But in a matter of time I realised that it was just play money. And from that moment I never ever went to ” who wants to become a googlinare.”


The ocean covers 70% of Earth but 95% of the ocean is still not fully discovered.
Its estimated that 3,000,000 ship wrecks are down there.
If you scooped up all of the treasure you would pocket about 80 billion dollars.
the sea is divided into 3 parts: Sunlight zone, twilight zone, midnight zone/ Danger zone.
What are some creatures that live in the Danger zone
What is the biggest creature in the deep waters
I understand that the sea is dangerous.

100 Wc

Goal – add more dialogue.

It was a misty night, I was walking near the graves of people who fought in the war. I was trying to say “thank you” to them but they wouldn’t hear it. But then I heard some one shout something  and the scream. This was like one of those horror movies when somebody hears something and then goes to check but in the end he dies. But that is not going to happen to me so I frantically started running. Until I slipped over a banana peel. But the I let out a scream because I saw a clown that started coming to me “HELP”  I screamed but nobody came but then the clown just said “you okay” and then I said “yeah” turning crimson of embarrassment.              “I slipped over that banana peel too” Said the clown.





Facts – Japan has had a lot of natural disasters. Japan had some of the most powerful disasters in the world. they recently had an earthquake. After natural disasters the country had ran oout of stock for food. A loss of energy happen too.

Questions – Why does Japan have so much disasters. Is japan the only one having terrible disasters.

Understanding- I now know what happen in japan and whats life was when it heppend.





Australians fought in Europe too. Sadly a lot of people died.  A soldier Lesley fought and helped to get people to help the Allied forces.


Why did Lesley join the war.Why did the Australians go o France.


I understand that war is a horrible thing.




One day I was walking in the forest and I saw a tree but it was no ordinary tree it was a walking tree. At first I had no idea what to do so I walked up to the tree and said hello but the tree just kicked me and i went flying in the air. THIS MEANS WAR. When I landed I got a stick and went back into the forest to find that tree. When i found it I started bashing it with my stick but again it kicked me and i was flying in the air but then i fell “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM”


Goal – to make it as close to 100 words as possible

“NEXT” said the person who was running the show “SO WHAT IS YOUR INVENTION” “well I call it the hamster plane, this is how it works two of my hamsters will be running a hamster ball which would produce energy and make the plane fly and i also invented a button that makes the world explode” I said “SO WHY DID YOU MAKE THESE?” “well let me show you” I quickly pressed the button “Now before the world explodes get into the plane” “WHY DID YOU DO THAT” “Just get in quick so we can test the plane out. Everybody got in the hamsters started running in their balls Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. “Oh no” I said “that isn’t enough hamsters” “BOOOMM”