A good leader is somebody who can…

Communicate well, lead by example, inspires others,cares about the people,

People think that bulling is a big problem so Matthew is going to try and stop bulling.

Not everybody likes the leader that has been chosen.

A leader is famous in his own way.


what is the lowest age you can be to be a leader.

how many leaders are there in the world.


I understand that there are problems in the world like bulling that people are trying to stop.


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Hello there, I am your host Jet Huskins and today I will be reporting some interesting news that giants are real. So first of all I know that, right now you are thinking “Jet GIV ME MA ICE CREAM”. wait what? you are thinking that, do you even know how hard it is to be a news reporter? IT SUCKS. So please don’t make this harder and keep on topic. So what you were supposed to think is “Jet but giants aren’t real!” (don’t listen to what you’r parents say because actually they just try to be smart but they aren’t) but we have the proof that giants are real just look at this cup it is giant because when giants are having a tea party they can’t use the small stuff! so now you know that giants are real. It is the end of the report I am jet Huskins see ya till next time.

G: to add more excitement.

If you are to lazy to read like me go and listen instead…

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Goal… to make my writing more interesting

I flipped the coin I couldn’t believe that I really did this because if the coin lands on heads I am the president of Justrana but if it lands on tails Donald Trump will be the president. Now I know what you thinking: “but Igor Donald is already the president of the USA?” well technically yes but as that wasn’t enough he wanted more that is why I am betting on this.

The coin landed I quickly covered it with my arm for a second I put my arm away… it was tails. I cant believe what I am seeing Donald ran away with laughter. But what would happen if I was in charge.


BTN no. 3


The three levels of government are: Federal, State and Local. Federal takes care of defence, trade, foreign affairs, money and taxes, communications and environment. State takes care of health, education, mining and agriculture, law and order, roads and transports. Local takes care of garbage. local roads, pets, local buildings and permits. Federal is the biggest council. State and territory has six councils. Local has over 500.


Why three and not like ten councils? Why is Federal the most powerful


I understand what the council take care of and how important they are.

Link to BTN:


Hello mum and dad, I now know that Australia has democracy because I always thought it had communism and I know also know that Australia used to be 6 different countries but then it decided to make a single country so the constitution was made on the 1st of January 1901, my question is what type of government does Germany have? and why are there two parliament houses?

BTN No. 3

Program title: Missing flight

This BTN was about how a plane was send but never landed and how the connection was lost.

Facts…                                                                                                                                                                    Each plane has a blackbox.                                                                                                                          The plane was a boeing 777                                                                                                                          nobody knows where the plane is.                                                                                                            now days people use satellites more that radars on land to track planes.


was the blackbox found?                                                                                                                                    what happend to the plane?


I understand that even though planes are always being tracked they could go missing.

BTN No. 2

This BTN was about Politicians deciding to let normal people vote or to only let politicians vote, it was also about different rules in  voting and lastly it was about Referendum and plebiscite.

Facts- In Australia there was a voting that was about having communism or republic (communism won). To vote you have to be over 18. the latest voting happened at 1999.

Questions- could people do a vote that has already been voted again like  a revote and what did they choose let normal people vote or politicians vote?

Understanding- I now understand the rules of voting and thing that could happen while and after voting.

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A Goldfish named Brown flew slowly across the room towards the ladder, it was attempting to escape. The reason for the great escape was that Brown hated his owners because they would never feed him or even look at him! So Brown strapped its tiny fins onto the ladder he was now climbing towards the window “                                   “said Brown “                                    “he had less than two meters to climb. He climbed out of the house and fell on the ground but he forgot he can’t walk “!###$$%@##$%@#$%”he said but that will be consorted for different purposes. Days passed and he sadly dried up.

Goal: to improve on giving details about things in the text.