Here are my facts: living in one place for a really long time can be very boring, they did an experiment about how it would be to live on mars, people have lots of plans about living on mars.

Here are my questions: did the people stay in the bubble for 1 year? and will people ever set foot on mars.

I understand what it would be like to live on mars.


Goal: To get ides quicker

Every time when my dad, my mum, my brother and I go overseas. my brother acts like a drunk animal. He forgets everything his school has taught him about being respectful, collaborative and other stuff, It just flies past him. All you can hear from him are “You are going on the naughty list” words, like for example: he says because I said so! or if he activates hulk mode he will start crying and begging. And of course mum gets him whatever he wants. (Dad is always against though and he is now starting to think that my brother has a disease and that now it is slowly crawling into mum.). But other wise our family has a good time overseas. But because of my brother we try to not go overseas…



There are 7 planets: mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune. Pluto is not a planet anymore because I think it was to small.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and mercury is the smallest. The sun is not a planet it is a star

My questions are: are there anymore planets and how big is our solar system?

I understand  how the solar system works and some stuff about different planets.




This text was about mars rovers and the landing of a rover which I think was curiosity. These are my following questions: When will the next rover be launched, how long does it take to get a rover from earth to Mars? and what is the biggest rover. My Facts: It took 7minutes for the rover to land. The landing was a success. The rover has a drill and a laser. I understand some of the requirement of a rover and how hard it is to launch and land one.


goal-to make more interesting.

“Ahh what a good life” I thought “It just can’t get better” I was sitting on the couch and watching the TV. The show was about a guy who gave his pen to his friend who never returned it. I was watching TV until a time where the show reminded me of yes… yes, a time where I let my friend borrow my 99.99$ pen but he hasn’t returned it in 6 years. This annoyed me so much that I just couldn’t resist asking him where it is. So I walked up to the phone… “Be calm….be calm” I said. I put in his phone number… And when he answered I screamed… “YOU IDIOT WHERE THE HELL IS MY PEN GONE, YOU HAD IT FOR SIX YEARS AND HAVEN”T RETURNED YOU…” I was going to keep on talking but a not so familiar voice answered “кто вы?” that’s when I realised I put in 6 instead of 7. “Sorry wrong number” I hanged up, I was so embarrassed.

Astronomy vid

Facts- Babylonians created models of their understandings (mathematical). The Spanish burned the Mesoamericans books of space (Mayas). The Greeks made a Ptolemaic system but it was disproved.

Questions-did the Spanish burn down the books because of jealousy or belief. Who disproved the Greeks.

Understandings- I understand the ancient theories and tools and thoughts



This btn was about some space related things that Australia took place in. Here are some facts. there are three dishes (trackers) located in Madrid Canberra California.The earth is constantly spinning. Voyager went to Jupiter Saturn and to the edge of the solar system. My first question is can we still track voyager and my second is what was the purpose of mars rovers. I now understand that Australia took part in space things.


So far this semester I have achieved the following goals:

Maths-complete problems faster and more efficiently-I did this by finding about other strategies to solve problems.

Writing-I got better at spelling by increasing my vocabulary.

Reading-I increased my vocabulary by reading more and harder books.

I have not yet fully achieved being more helpful though

during this term I am hoping to achieve the following:


Reading-clauses and sentence structure I could learn this by paying good attention to lessons

Writing-Clauses and sentence structure, Poetry.

Personal-be more nicer, fairer and more helpful. Just try to show these at break or class.