Hello my name is Igor and today I was informed that hands are GROWING out of the ground and for some reason they are holding a piece of rope. Here is an opinion of a person who saw it
“Thank you, Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…” Thank you for your advise “But I…..” I don’t care….
So as far as I can tell you the hand is growing bigger 1m in height every second and 1m in width so in about 111111111111111111111111111sec the whole world will be squished but don’t worry….. or no… worry because humans have no idea about what to do.

FORTNITE IS THE BEST by alex and Igor

FORTNITE COOL FACTS: you can play fortnite with your friends and family. FORTNITE IS FREE. And you don’t HAVE TO spend money in game. Fortnite doesn’t make you dumber it does the opposite you get smarter because you have to make up strategies to defeat your enemies and have to be strategic and make right choices.
COD-Call of Duty is so bloody bloody and there is too much kids playing while Fortnite is kid friendly. And my 19 year old TV can do better graphics.
Roblox– Seriously whats the difference between Lego and Roblox?
Creative Destruction– Creative destruction… the game is just jealous of fortnite so it copied it but it came out 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times worse.
Destiny 2 – At first I thought it was Star Wars.
Forza Horizon 3– Hotwheels?
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Pocket games 2D Minecraft
Minecraft Minecraft costs more than your computer.
Rugby league 18 wow I mean so realistic.
Mario His cringy music

  1. While fortnite is free other games can cost more than 100$. for example Call of duty ww2 costs 60$ then you have to pay another 20$ to play online! Sadly you have to pay to play /online in fortnite too but why pay more if you can have the same experience and the same fun.
  2. Fortnite is not that violent. Some people think that but I don’t get why because there is no blood or torture.
  3.  Fortnite doesn’t make you dumber. The game doesn’t make you dumber instead it improves your skills in making up effective strategies and teaches you to make right choices.
  4. it makes you bob the builder (planning skills)
  5. You can play with your friends when it’s raining or you are far away from them so have fun with your friends.


g: to have a sizzling start.
“but what colour should it be?” I said when I was making a robot on scratch.

“python mate!” said Hamish on voice chat but I rejected doing python since it’s quite hard* So I kept on going with making my robot I was happy with it it was a blue colour and had wheels and 16 different types of arms. I was so into this until the clock banged 9 times which means its 9 o’clock

It was bed time so I put on my pyjamas and went to sleep

*Python is real hard but

100wc fathers day special

Stairs pink cooked river nervous

As I was going up the pink stairs up to my room to…. well I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do there but still I decided to go up to my room.

“maybe I wanted to play fortnite? nah I couldn’t have I only play pubg….” I thought

But then I stepped into something squishy and liquid, I looked down I could see a some sort of river.Nervously I looked where it was going it was going to my dads room. I opened the door and OMG I could see dad and his mates eating a cake and all of his mates had saliva coming out of their mouth.



As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face – I was finally invited to Hogwards wizard school!! I was so happy because now I’ll finally learn the spell of how to get a chocolate bar that if you take a bite it grows back.

I started to pack my backpack for school and when I was finished I took a train to the school and everyone greeted me.

When the first lesson started a tall, bearded and wise man announced

“Hello class today we will be learning to not make chocolate bars that grow when you bite them!”

the whole  class groaned.


Adam and Matt were robbing a house. But in seconds a police car came.

“Quick Adam go to the kitchen and grab the wallets!” Said Matt

“Alright!’ Said Adam and rushed in the kitchen.

Alright – he thought, but why did I come here? He looked in the fridge and glared it the cake “but why would I do that?” He looked at the table he saw a wallet “That’s not it” he thought and looked at the chairs.

“MATT here I brought the chair!” he screamed

“Why on earth did you bring me a chair?!” He screamed

“I tho…..” he started but then.

“FBI hands up!”


Home Alone 10000000000

One day at 12 o’clock a robber decided to break into my house. Sadly my parents weren’t home they were both on a conference so I had to do this by myself. First I drank a lime juice and waited till the robber could actually break in because  he couldn’t get past all of the 10000000 locks. But when he did I banged him on the head with a fire extinguisher because his head was on flames because of lock #12671r73 which was a set on fire, lock if pin incorrect. After banging him I was regularly pouring buckets of ice on his head to stop the pain.


Robot wars


Robot wars is a thing

The game or combat has rules

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most effective


Is this a popular sport?

Where is it located?


I understand what Robot wars are